Do Bulls Moo? Why Yes They Do!

Two Bulls has created a dedicated kid’s brand. And we’re called Two Moos. And we’re awesome.

We know the current changes in the way kids consume and interact with media can be overwhelming. Producers are looking for a team of specialists that understands the complex and evolving digital environment. We’ve got that in spades. But we also have experience with the unique challenges involved in delivering content targeted at children.

Two Moos is an award-winning team that specialize in children’s content; from creative production, design and UX/UI, through to final development and deployment. Our talented team learned their craft at the most respected children’s content producers around the world, from ABC Australia to Sesame Workshop in the US.

What happens when you get a team that combines specialist knowledge in children’s entertainment with digital expertise? You get awesome. That’s what you get.

We’re the team that way back in 2009 got kids off the couch and playing in The Hidden Park; we revolutionized playtime with Grover’s Block Party; we made 3D printing accessible to kids with Blokify; and we’ve done so many more awesome apps for kids.

The Two Moos team have done some really cool things for some amazing brands. We’re a unique combination: we love the art of creating great content for kids and we love the challenge of deploying it on emerging technologies. We just love what we do … and we have award winning apps to prove it.

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