Bento Box Shapes

A Two Moos Original

About the Project

The first original Two Moos app, Bento Box Shapes is a perfect activity to entertain toddlers while meals are being prepared! This gorgeous shape matching app is a bento box game that encourages kids to learn about shapes and eat healthy foods by creating a cute bento lunch, layer by layer.

How We Made It

With a deadline of only 3 weeks, we wanted to create a fun, simple and beautiful game for toddlers.

We established some key learning outcomes we wanted the game to have, such as simple shape recognition, sorting and matching, developing fine motor skills, and promoting good, healthy food.

Our aim was to create a co-play opportunity for parents and kids. This game can be played while parents make any meal of the day. The combinations kids use to make the different animals will keep them entertained while parents are busy. This creates a fun, stress-free experience for everyone. Between the bonding time and the cute lunch ideas, food will never be the same!

The Result

We’re so pleased with what we achieved in such a short time! Built natively for iPad and iPhone with beautiful retina design, Bento Box Shapes was featured in the App Store in over 150 countries. Plus, it was a finalist in the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards. Be sure to download and enjoy some food fun now!

Did You Know?

Can’t get enough bento? Neither can we! The idea came from our team’s bento inspired Pinterest board of epic proportions.

download on the app store  Bento Box Shapes is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.