Blokify 3D Printing

3D Systems

About the Project

In 2014 Two Bulls helped launch a game-changing 3D printing app, Blokify, setting the standard for fun 3D modelling, play and real-world 3D printing.

Using a gorgeously designed 3D  interface, the Blokify 3D Printing for Kids lets builders have fun creating block-based models free-form or through a guided building experience. Once the model is complete it can be 3D printed, taking the fun of creating from the virtual to physical play.

Our Involvement

Jenny Kortina, CEO and Founder of Blokify, came to Two Moos with an idea and a lot of enthusiasm. At the time, 3D printing for consumers was still in its infancy, with the idea of making it accessible for kids not even on the radar for most people.

At the start, we worked with Jenny on ideation, product consulting and design, taking this amazing idea into a state where it was viable to create. Working closely with our development and design teams, we slowly shaped the idea of the app and how it would work as a game and printing service in one.

From here, we moved to full development, creating the app and extensively testing its capabilities. Throughout the process we tested extensively, ensuring the game was not only fun, but technically sound and capable of delivering on the idea of bringing easy 3D printing to the consumer.

Finally, Two Moos assisted in publishing and monetising the app, ensuring it had systems in place that let it earn money for its creators.

We couldn’t have been prouder when 3D Systems purchased Blokify, including upgrading the experience to make Blokify 3D Printing for Kids available on Android! It’s been an awesome ride and we can’t see what happens next.

Blokify is available for download on the Google Play and Apple stores now!

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