Cookie Kart Racing

Client: Sesame Workshop

About the Game

Cookie Kart Racing is a multi-platform HTML5 racing game for preschoolers. Children build a custom racing kart, then race Cookie around 3 different tracks with the aim of reaching the finish line before the cookie crumbles. As they race, they practice letter, number, shape and colour recognition.

The Challenge

Sesame Workshop launched a new segment called Cookie’s Crumby Pictures which parodied popular films while introducing children to executive function skills. Our challenge was to create a multi-platform HTML5 game that extended the segment style and learning goals to digital platforms.

How We Made It

Sticking with the TV segment’s use of parody, Cookie Kart Racing was born as an homage to everyone’s favourite racing game, Mario Kart Racing. Working in close collaboration with Sesame Workshop’s expert digital and educational teams, the game was designed to be fun and educational, while slowly levelling up in a way that is suitable for preschoolers. Our experienced kids game production team developed, designed and animated the game and created original music and sound effects.

Fun Fact

The desert racing track we designed for this game was inspired by the desert locations in Breaking Bad, which our team was addicted to at the time!

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