Cookie Monster’s Challenge

Client: PBS Kids and Sesame Workshop

2015 Parents’ Choice Foundation Silver Award Winner!

About the Project

Cookie Monster’s Challenge brings school readiness skills to toddlers through a series of creative brain-building games. Designed to challenge and engage, children practice self-control, focus, memory, following directions and problem solving. Plus, they get to make awesome cookies!

Our Involvement

The Two Moos app development team worked closely with Sesame Workshop and PBS Kids on creative and technical aspects of the app. This included game design, UI, technical development, illustration, animation, music and sound effects.

In collaboration with Sesame Workshop’s excellent educational experts, we implemented carefully designed levels that became more and more challenging in a way that is suitable for preschoolers. This resulted in increased focus and engagement with the app by our young users, keeping kids motivated while learning along the way.

The Result

Cookie Monster’s Challenge was featured on the front page of the App Store and is a finalist in the upcoming iKids awards in the ‘best game app’ category!

Did You Know?

We love hidden treasures! Watch out for a little audio easter egg which is an ode to SNL’s ‘cowbell‘ sketch.

download on the app store   get it on google play   available at amazon