Client: South Australian Government

About the Campaign

With the interactive experience of MyExcursion, school students can share their inquiry-based learning while exploring museums and cultural institutions around South Australia. Students using the LearningSA collection of programs in MyExcursion can work collaboratively. As they document facts and opinions, use photos, video interviews and sketches to record their observations, learning is increased and friendships are formed. A fun educational app, MyExcursion offers a unique form of learning to a variety of people.

Our Involvement

The educational app was developed through a partnership between Two Bulls, Two Moos’ parent company, and DECD’s Teaching and Learning teams. The South Australian Museum and the Adelaide Botanic Garden provided their expertise and collections to support the creation of the first two programs in the LearningSA collection.

The Result

Since launch, the app has shown kids display an increased level of engagement during museum assignments. The app’s ease of use and the interactive, 360 degree nature of content creation – videos, photos and tasks logged in the app – are then submitted back to the teacher who can present it with ease in the classroom.

Did You Know?

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