Ready Jet Go!

PBS KIDS and Wind Dancer Films

About the Project

Ready Jet Go! is the stunning hit series airing in the US on PBS KIDS, introducing children to astronomy, science & technology by presenting it in a hilarious, entertaining way. Targeted at kids aged 3-8, the show aims to create a life-long interest in science and learning!

Produced by Wind Dancer Films, this 3D animated series follows the story of Jet Propulsion, a space traveler from the planet Bortron 7 who, with his earth friends, explores our Solar System as we want kids to see it – with a sense of curiosity and wonder.

Our Involvement: Website and Web Games

Two Moos worked closely with Wind Dancer Films and PBS KIDS to produce all digital components of the first season including a Space Explorer app, website and five website games.  Not only did the digital content have to reflect the fun & informative nature of the show, they also had to encourage learning in their own right.

Three web games are currently available to play –  Mindy’s Constellation Exploration, exploring & teaching about constellations,  Sean’s Rescue Quest, a side-scrolling racer that teaches fun facts about planet terrains while giving kids the thrill of racing and  Sydney’s Astro Trackera game that teaches kids all about Asteroid classes, while having fun zipping through space!  Additional games will focus on Rocket Ship parts and learning about the planets in our Solar System.

Our Involvement: Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer App

An innovative app, Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer launched in April 2016.  The app uses cutting edge AR technology allowing children to point their device up into the night sky to explore, create and play with constellations and planets.

With a curriculum back by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer app is an amazing way to engage children with science in a fun and engaging way.

The Result

Since it’s launch the Ready Jet Go! series has received rave reviews and received over 37 million streams online. PBS KIDS are teaching vitally important topics and nurturing children’s imagination with a strong tailored product offering. The App was featured as ‘Best New App’ on the front page of the US App Store and hit  #1 free app in Kids and #2 free app in Education.

Did You Know?

Ready Jet Go! was created by Craig Bartlett, who also created PBS KIDS hit series Dinosaur Train. The series is produced by Wind Dancer Films, creators of such family entertainment hits as Home Improvement and What Women Want.

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