SciGirls Code Quest

About the Project We partnered with the amazing SciGirls team at TPT Twin Cities PBS to develop an HTML5 web game to expand SciGirls’ 2019 season focus on computational thinking concepts. In this game children join Izzie and Jake to help Subbie the submarine robot clean up the ocean floor using increasingly complex coding challenges. […]

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Make a Game With Dot!

About the Project Dot. is an animated series on Universal Kids. It follows the adventures of Dot, a girl who is well-versed in technology and with a strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Two Moos developed two web games that brought out the personality, learning goals and fun of two main characters – Dot and […]

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Ready Jet Go! Thumbnail

About the Project Ready Jet Go! is the stunning hit series airing in the US on PBS KIDS, introducing children to astronomy, science & technology by presenting it in a hilarious, entertaining way. Targeted at kids aged 3-8, the show aims to create a life-long interest in science and learning! Produced by Wind Dancer Films, this 3D animated series follows the story of Jet […]

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Sesame Street game

About the Project Created as part of Sesame Workshop’s Words are Here, There, and Everywhere vocabulary initiative, this multi-platform, HTML5 Sesame Street game lets children be word collectors with Abby Cadabby and new Sesame Street character, Buzz Word. The new vocabulary initiative plays on children’s natural curiosity to learn by engaging them in fun activities […]

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cookie monster cooking game

About the Game Little ones get to help Cookie Monster prepare, bake and decorate the perfect cookie treat! In this sweet Cookie Monster cooking game, Cookie Monster helps teach preschoolers how to follow a recipe from start to finish. They add the right number of ingredients, mix and roll the dough, and go wild decorating their cookie creation! […]

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