Sesame Street Grover app

About the Project Grover’s Block Party revolutionizes the way children play with blocks. A world-first interactive multi-screen gaming experience for preschoolers, Grover’s Block Party sees a 3D Grover move between a tablet and TV while organically commenting and prompting, but never instructing children, as they play with physical alphabet blocks. This Sesame Street Grover app provides […]

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Sesame Street Abby Cadabby game

About the Project Two Moos partnered with Sesame Workshop, Qualcomm and Magnetic Dreams to create an educational, dual-screen game prototype. The unique experience allows preschoolers to interact with their favorite Sesame Street characters in a way that’s never been possible before! Powered by Qualcomm’s AllJoyn multi-screen technology, the prototype sees Sesame Street’s resident fairy, Abby […]

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